Thursday, June 19, 2008


The second addon i post is QuestHelper.With this addon you can easily levelup doing quests.It shows you where npcs are spawned , where you should go . Is useful for 1-69 levels.If you are new to World Of Warcraft , this is the best addon for you.Click on the image to see it bigger.
Ro:Al 2-lea addon pe care il postez este QuestHelper.Cu acest addon poti face level usor completand questuri.Iti arata unde sunt creaturile pozitionate , unde ar trebui sa mergi.Este folositor pentru levelele 1-69.Daca esti nou in lumea Warcraftului , acesta este cel mai bun addon pentru tine.
Click here to download it.
You can check for updates on the CURSE.COM website.


Anonymous said...

Hi. This is a package of Addons for WoW! I use these for my interface. It’s a file zip complete of all. Addons WoW

Guide for World of Warcraft Gold said...

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